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So much more but this will give you a flavour...

First of all, we'll have a discussion about what you're trying to achieve. Based on this, Julie will use a range of meditation techniques and practices which will best suit you as an indivudual or group.

Amongst the most relevant tend to be;

Buddhist Meditation

Loving-kindness meditation (the Buddhist methodology)

Chakra Meditation

Chakra Meditation

Visualisation Meditation

Visualisation meditation

Sound Wave Meditation

Meditation using sound waves

Because she has successfully used many different types of meditation for herself along her own journey, Julie knows HOW she has achieved it and can tailor meditation practices to suit you as an individuals rather than simply applying a standard formula or format.

Dr David Hailton

Julie often focuses on the mind/body connection that Dr David Hamilton speaks about so eloquently and would suggest that you take a quick look at some of his work (click on his picture on the right). Because of this, she particularly values visualisation techniques which can not only take yourself to a more relaxing place in both body and mind but can also give you the ability and knowledge to learn using this technique to improve other significant areas in reaching a healthier, more balanced and focused lifestyle. Visualisation techniques have been proven scientifically to achieve many different and specific set goals with the likes of some top sportsmen and business entrepreneurs using them, such as Novak Djokovic and Steve Jobs.

The methods used are also very well suited to the group context whether that's in a corporate/business environment or teaching to students in schools. With Julie's background in teaching young people for the last 15 years, it's something that is an important aspect of life to learn (focus/attention training meditations are great for learning coping and more practical skills). She has recently worked with local schools to give classes/workshops to young people ranging from 10-18yo (years 6 to 13) with really positive feedback from both students and teachers.

Julie has stated that "if this was to become a standard part of our children's lives through the education system I passionately believe the world would become a better place. There's so much truth in the quote from the Dalai Lama; “If every 8 year old was taught to meditate we would eradicate violence within one generation”

For the right groups, Julie is happy to offer free taster sessions/workshops as an introduction to meditation. Alternatively, why not hold a groups session for the managers or leaders and let them judge for themselves the likely benefits for thier staff

"My vision for the future short term is to help as many people possible get to know and feel the huge and vast range of benefits of meditation in any way possible. My bigger vision for the future is to set up a number of ‘Meditation Houses’."

Meditation in schools


Why not try a taster session for the teachers first...

Meditation supporting business

Business / corporate

Let me help you boost profits and productivity by helping your staff feel better and focus more clearly on your goals!

Meditation providing addiction clinic support

Healing Clinics

Addiction support including; drugs, alcohol, gambling - see how this approach to well-being supports those struggling to hold-on.

Public Speaking about Meditation

Group events / Public seaking

Always happy to speak at events, Julie will tailor the approach to fit the audience and provide an overview of the world of meditation

Meditation for young offenders

Young Offenders

An integral part of any programme is to help young people become receptive to new ideas. Meditation can play a vital role in calming the mind and opening it to understand the concept of wellbeing both for the learner and those around them

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At First Step, we run individual or group sessions using the most apropriate meditation disciplines for you.

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